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Del ( one 'L' )
04 October 2011 @ 05:03 pm
Funny thing happened this morning (or did it?)
Opened the curtains and BAM some kangaroo is straring me in  the face!
Im like "you kids get off my lawn" and the bunch of them are all like "Hey! were eating here!!!!!"
It was so cute but scared the shit out of me so early in the moring lol
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Del ( one 'L' )
19 June 2011 @ 05:30 pm
I have a story to tell. I dont usually bitch about customers, but this darling is a special case, see, she was in a bit of a mood I supose,
Its all started with her wanting to know if we have a certain light she wanted and if we could order it. She was a bit short with me but I rolled with it, did my thing, found the code, did a computer search.

Then I made this litle comment
"im sorry, love, but bare with me the computers a little slow"

which is something I say to every customer coz it takes a shitload of time to do anything on the instore system.
Well from that she went off.
Her main points were I was being disrespectful for calling her 'love' and 'darl' which I appologised for upsetting her (though thats how I talk, get over it), and two I was too retarded (yes she said retarded) to use the iternetz.
Hello lady, its not the internet, its our very complicated instore search program. lol.
she proceded to ramble on, repeating herself about being rude "and dont the teach you any manners at school"... (again, hello im not 16 anymore???) and how she will go on the internet at home, it will take 10 minutes and shell get it delivered the next day.
I again, said sorry we couldnt help her and maybe she should do that. end of discussion, go away.

It was great, the boss pissed himself laughing at my miss fourtune, his exact words "Im glad Im not the only one who gets the crazies"
I had a coffe break, I though it was over.

I was wrong.
See during all this I was helping a man swap over some garden gloves he bought his kid, and had fallen apart at the seams. Turns out it was his missus.
He came back, swapped the gloves then asked "So how did you go with the lights?" tho which I replied O_o???
Then I looked up, she came back for round two!
She proceded to rip up me again about my rudeness, shes all flustered and yelln n stuff
"Fine respectable customers like me come in and you are just rude and treat me like an idiot!"
To which again, I appologise that shes not having a good day and try to calm her down with the
"Ofcourse you not an idiot, nobody said you were" To which she says
"Who said Im an Idiot!"
Im pissed at this point and reply with
"nobody, but you said that" and start to ignored her,
The poor bloke, who is as sweet as pie and his really cute son are just standing there, I forgot I hadnt answered him,
"Im sorry, she didint want me to do it, the computer is slow, but if you can bare with me Ill look it up for you"
meantime shes still going on in the background, hes getting very imbarised and declines.

So anyway, to finish on a good note, I fix up his return receipt, thank them both for shopping, give the kid a stamp and send them on their merry way with a "have a nice day"
Now thats customer service!!!
And I think Ill take up smoking....

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Del ( one 'L' )
10 May 2011 @ 05:28 pm
im thinking or revamping Parody Factory?
its been a dream of mine for a very long time, i mean, i love big damn verse and even ausgate but i want my own baby to grow.
any ideas? coz quite francky she flopped like a smelly fish on deck last time lol
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Del ( one 'L' )
03 May 2011 @ 12:48 pm

does everone remember the terrable time I had perchashing my little princess Gracie?
no? well I wont go into details but it ended in me threating to call the cops, loads of drama and a filly so thin and wild people though she was a rescue.

So anyway, after my little ordeal I rang RSPCA Victoria and let them know how horrible he trated his horses, they were quite helpfull, I had plenty of pics...

this is the pic I was sent...

this is after 6 weeks of good feed, love  and worming...

and a few weeks ago, as a yearling should look!

 I also put in a complant to the cops incase he trys to rip anyone else off, and warned the websites he was dealing on that he was false advertising (saying gypsy cross when they are all paint/QH/clydie crosses)

Sattisfied I had stoped this foal farmer as best I could, I went on my merry way...
however, recently browing horseyard (as one does ;P) I came across this sorry fellow...

with an add that reads...
spike reg name is : NL HUSLING ALONG comes with papers his a great stallion very easy going and loves ppl
very,very good looking horse his a must see and comes from great bloodlines plzs call josh

not to mention this horse is supposably "dark pally & white", 16hh (when I know that fence is only chin hight because, thats the one my baby put her self though when I came to pick her up)
and heres the kicker... he wants $4500

when will he learn?
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Del ( one 'L' )
03 May 2011 @ 11:41 am
How are my pretties?
Im like and old broken record, always sayn the same thing over and over, well, to get myself moving I revamped my LJ
love it, hate it? let me know, coz im gonna start posting!!!
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Del ( one 'L' )
24 February 2011 @ 09:10 am
to start this story we must cast our minds back to last sunday, when, as i drove down the long and windy road that is ostini lane I cast a glaced across into the paddock and low and behold there lay the old gray mare, not acting like she usually does, in fact she was snoozing and not the least bit inclind to run away as she does.
so ofcourse there was a problem,
you probably can guess she had colic, which on a sunday involved calling an after hours vet who couldnt get there toll 10.30pm.
ah... good times.
so after all the medicines and walking and tummy aches the 25yrold horse who has never needed a vet before in her life came out the other side okay.
however, we come back to the root of the problem.
the idiot neighbours who found sunday a beautiful sunny day, mowed their lawn, dumped the clippings over the fence & nearly killed my pony.
and they all lived unhapply ever after.
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Del ( one 'L' )
04 February 2011 @ 08:25 pm
this is why Broccli rules!!! BITCHEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Del ( one 'L' )
28 January 2011 @ 09:56 am
I got all the ideas and none of the impulse drive to do it!!!
stupid life getting in the way of my fandomness!!!
this world just doesnt have enough sam & jack shippyness anymore
be warned...
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Del ( one 'L' )
08 January 2011 @ 01:45 pm

I wont spoil, but I watched "The Book of Eli"  last night and it was awsome :D
Starring Denzel Washington as a totally cool guy minding his own shit and hes walking....
gave me that nice warm Firefly feeling  (ah the serenity...) suger coated with some Gormogony goodness (coz you go crazy if you eat too much people, especially if you dont cook it first)
I think everyone should watch it at least once spoilers darlingCollapse )
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Del ( one 'L' )
04 January 2011 @ 05:51 pm
bitchn aho!!!!

certain people at work suck because they lay blame instead of protecting the team, even against very abusive one dolla lady...
and were suppose to be a team???
wtf? 0_o???

thanx for the support oh mighty leaders ;p
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Del ( one 'L' )
27 November 2010 @ 07:54 pm

so i moved away from he track and will never ever go back (i know i know thats what i said last time lol)
but this time i mean it.

My ponies are now enjoying a large very grassy paddock on the outskirts of town here-> maps.google.com/maps
like magic!

i am very happy right now, one less shit fight to put up with :D
beer on the house all round
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Del ( one 'L' )
21 November 2010 @ 08:20 pm
attention all shoppers.....
today roys bike ran... it was cool...

also i spint dry spaggettii all over the floor
for the win!!!

that is all :)
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