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02 October 2012 @ 10:06 am
Go camping? Dont mind if I do!  

HAHAHHAAA ... has nothing to do with my story except maybe for odd-ness.

Got taken camping over the weekend, was beautiful <3

but thats not the point, what I wanted to tell you guys about was our silly IRLSkyrim Adventure!

First we got wood for our awesome camp fire:

Then we went exploring and found some mineral veins to extract

Had to climb so bitching mountains with no helpful ponies :(

Even saw some goats

collected some flowers - realized most wild flowers grow on spiky bushes (-1 Health)

Went into the caves, saw this

expected this

got this

but no loot...

Did i mention all the hills? and like, the seven thousand steps

by the end of it I found my tent & went to sleep

because my knee hurt like crazy

We got attacked by a dragon

also Roys hair was like this

and last be not least, after hiking over 3kms and turning home, then driving around aimlessly I SAW THE F**KING WATERFALL!!!!
Try'n Google Map: a unicorn
Feel'n a Little: soresore
Wasting Time: finding loot