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04 August 2012 @ 11:14 am
This shit just got real  
I just love late night crazies. heres just one of them...
(This is best to my knowledge what was said over a phone call about 7.30pm, I seriously did not make any of this up)

Me: good evening this is Del how can I help you?
Crazy: we just bought a knob from you and its exploded, now theres shit everywhere!
Me: Sorry, whats the problem?
Crazy: We got this knob and the pin wont stay in in and if it doesnt get replaced by midnight Im going to have to murder my land lord and real estate agent.

(so some sort of evil cinderella then?)

Me: So its a door knob?
Crazy: we did all that technical stuff and read the diagram! Im not your average dumb blond!

at this stage shes is near hysterical and Im totally confused, trying to find the speaker button on the phone so everyone else can here this...

Me: Okay just bring it back with the receipt and we will have a look at it for you
Crazy: who keeps recepts thats shit! Im just going to come in there and steal one and I dont care how many bomb squads you send after me because if you dont let me there will be a mass murder on your hands!

(I could understand, those guys do run pretty fast)

Me: Ok just find the recept and bring all the parts back in and we can swap it over, you have plenty of time we dont close till 9

Then she just hung up on me O_o
Try'n Google Map: the good stuff
Feel'n a Little: confusedconfused
Wasting Time: checking under my seat for bombs